Vision Statement

We aspire to be a pre-eminent Private Milk Producer with a Pan India footprint who, while providing attractive returns to our shareholders, will ensure all stakeholders in our business network benefit from clean business practices. The overarching objective of our business model is to provide our customers Complete Value for Money and this will be ingrained right through the superstructure that brings NUTRA from farms to homes.

Mission Statement

Our raison d’être is to ensure that our customers have easy & quick access to quality milk and milk products. The same expectation of quality & valuation system will be in place at each stage of our business model. Our vendors will be kept abreast of evolving technology, best practices and changing customer preferences. Our vendors & Channel Partners will be incentivized for quality adherence. We will strive to set in place an operation where everyone who is invested in the system sees value in the business model. Our aim is to have all our customers endorse us as a socially responsible company uncompromising on quality and business values. The promoters will be personally accessible to business partners and customers alike to ensure that feedback is accurately recorded & promptly acted upon.

Social Responsibilities of the Company

Since the promoters have experienced firsthand the hardships and deprivations in the rural hinterlands during their early years, they are committed to improving the lot of rural folk in areas contiguous to the Processing Plant and expanding outwards over time. The directors have identified two critical areas which need immediate attention to alleviate the problems in rural India.

The company intends investing in educating the lesser privileged girl child in the Plant vicinity so that rural folk move towards genuine emancipation. The fees, uniform, books & other academic expenses will be borne by the company. This program will be expanded to cover more villages over the years.

The company is also acutely conscious of the deleterious effect of climate change due to global warming. A key focus area would be water shortage which is expected to exacerbate living conditions in rural areas.

To address water woes, the company already has in place a Capital Intensive Effluent Treatment Plant which fully treats the water used in process and releases the same for greenbelt irrigation within the Plant premises. The company plans to aggressively harvest rain water within and outside its Collection Centers/ Chilling Plants/Processing Plant premises so as to replenish more water than is consumed in all our operations.

The company is engaged in a robust tree plantation drive to address these problems and this also entails identifying species of saplings ideal for the soil and climate. The health of the saplings are constantly monitored by our sales & procurement staff. Prompt & sustained intervention is provided in the event of ill health affecting the plants.

Solar energy is currently being used for heating water at our Chilling Plants and we propose to progressively step up use of Solar energy in all our operations.